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While the Security Lock market already has a number of niche offerings, there is currently no product that gives the user a truly secure eKey solution they are seeking.

RMD’s Smart-Strike products are poised to enter the global marketplace and redefine the concept of access control using advanced Bluetooth convenience, with a no-compromise stance on security.

In an era of rapid global acceptance and widespread adoption of wireless “smart” devices, convenience has been embraced at the expense of security.

And in the present global electronic lock marketplace, there are no products whatsoever that can be truly described as “secure” and “smart”. Some products currently available go part of the way to providing a solution, but currently there is no truly secure eKey management solution.

The RMD products will be acclaimed for their:

  1. Ease and Flexibility – Utilising Bluetooth Smart technology found in contemporary mobile phones, offering the convenience of ‘passive’ operation or secured control, through ‘manual’ or ‘PIN’ access modes.
  2. Absolute Security – With a patented control protocol, which utilises Advanced Encryption Standard (AES128) and a Cryptographically Encrypted method of distributing and controlling eKeys.
  3. Zero web presence – To eliminate the ever-growing risk of online cyber attacks, our core design philosophy has been to operate totally ‘off-the-grid’. Each independent Smart-Strike device maintains a complete database of its permitted users, which can only be accessed by authorised administrators with appropriate security credentials.
  4. Robust and Reliable Hardware – Drawing on the knowledge and experience gained through decades of manufacturing Ross Security Locks, and the die-casting expertise of Marget Engineering, our products incorporate multiple defence mechanisms, typically found only in specialized high-security safe/vault locks.
  5. Total Control – While offering the convenience of Bluetooth Smart functionality, the patented integration of a physical key cylinder into the Smart-Strike offers the owner unprecedented control to mechanically lock-out, deadlock or key override the hardware.